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Payroll Managed Services

Payroll isn’t just about paying your employees; it’s one of the important processes that play an important role for the overall functioning of your organization. Be it the apprehension of incurring severe financial penalties or misplacing tax files/documents, be it the timely payment of the employees or abiding the legislative norms, the process can bring along a lot of challenges. And that’s where we at DKM, can help you overcome all the challenges related to payroll management process and also help you take it to the next level. Our payroll services will enable you to maximize your company’s productivity by channelizing timely and accurate salary processing, efficiently handling the reimbursements, managing leave/absence, managing loans and advances etc. We will provide you a full-fledged payroll service solution that reduces your processing costs while ensuring accurate, streamlined and consistent execution of your payroll needs. Here are some of the key highlights of our services.

Efficient payroll management process includes:

Our payroll management system will allow you to save your valuable time, resources and cost. We will not require you to purchase a special time system or download software to enter your own payroll time. We will perform all the payroll tasks for you and enable that your team operates more efficiently and effectively. And our best-practice tools and processes will help to ensure accuracy and timeliness. Additionally, DKM provides complete support for all of the processes we partner with you on.

Payroll Accounting

  • Recording and Reconciling Payroll Transactions
  • Professional payroll processing- paychecks and bank advices etc
  • Management of leave & attendance

Payroll statutory compliance

  • Generating statutory reports which include preparation and filing of PF forms, ESI forms, challans and inspections
  • Advice on taxes as per the respective local statutory norms
  • Guaranteed, accurate federal, state and local tax calculations

Easy CTC calculations

  • All major pay types: fixed salary, hourly wages, bonuses, CTC reimbursements, allowances or other one time payments.
  • Voluntary deductions, including taxable and pre-tax premiums for medical and retirement plans, dependent and medical care, cash advances, loan repayments and more

Our comprehensive payroll processing services helps you to:

  • Manage employee information efficiently
  • Manage payments, deductions, employee leave/attendance etc. systematically
  • Generate pay-slip at the convenience of a click
  • Manage the payroll processes according to the salary structure assigned to the employee
  • Manage your own security
  • Consolidate, error-free documents and reports with sharper business intelligence
  • Resolve employee issues easily, if any

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