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Attendance & Leave Management System

Tracking of the attendance, leave and timings of employee is a crucial operational activity, requiring records to be maintained accurately and make payments accordingly. And as a competitive and reputed organisation, you need a reliable leave management system to take care of it all. That’s where enters DKM’s attendance and leave management system which eliminates the grind of keeping track of employee leaves. DKM’s leave management solution is highly configurable and can address any requirement related to leave management. We provide leave policies based on various leave types and all can be flexibly defined. With the help of our methodical system, actual leave and attendance records can be captured and leave balances maintained. Also, easy to use upload utilities are provided to upload leave and attendance data centrally or from multiple locations. Our processes not only help in saving time and cost of the company but also improve employee morale as the HR personnel gets to focus on a range of strategic issues.

Our Attendance & Leave Management System includes:

Leave Management

  • Allows employees and their managers to manage their leaves systematically without any extra efforts from HR
  • Provides a seamless employee life cycle management system

Detailed leave reports

  • Allows you to generate detailed reports with information such as history of leaves taken, approved, rejected or pending by any employee

Configuration of leave settings

  • Allows individual companies to configure and store their own leave structure, be it leave accrual or encashment, optional holidays or comp offs
  • Allows employees to get details of the company’s leave policy through this system and accordingly helps them monitor and request the leave they are allocated


Our attendance and leave management system helps you to:

  • Maintain all records in a centralized manner, thus ease the task of tracking leaves and attendance
  • Keep track of the attendance of employees based on various events like late, overtime, permission, holiday working and on duty
  • Monitor the productivity of the employees and also keep a check on the employee absenteeism, which helps in achieving the organization’s goals
  • Synchronize attendance data online, upload and download information, adding flexibility at work
  • Assign accessibility and accessing security
  • Acquire single click view of all time office events like hours worked, late, permission, on duty, overtime, leave of an employee for date or month period

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